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Witchcraft School

I am proud to announce that I am back online. However due to the problems we encountered in our last semester together, I've decided to do something different with this school. I plan on posting an online libary. Where you will be able to study anything you'd want or need to know about witchcraft, religion, or the paranormal. If there are those of you out there who would wish to continue private lessons please contact me at  He Who Must Not Be Named. However due to so many not working I will have to charge for these lessons. My time is precious. Price is negotiable.

For those of you who do not know aleady, I am a witch born not a wiccan, as wicca is nothing more than a religion. I am a practitoner of the enlightend truth. As such I respect and honor all religions and that includes wicca, as a religion. However, I will never consider it practitioners witches. If you do not understand the difference in a witch and a wiccan please learn here before you go any further into this site.



Concentration Exersices


Dream Interpretation